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Daily Classes With Rabbi Gordon

Study the daily Chumash with Rashi, Tanya and Rambam with master teacher Rabbi Yehoshua B. Gordon.

Tanya: Chapter 1 - Part 1

Kislev 22

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miriam Bklyn December 29, 2014

tzadik/benoni Rabbi Gordon you classes are the best!!
However I still dont have clarity about the difference between the incomplete tzadik and the benoni Reply

Noam Old City, Jerusalem, Israel. December 24, 2013

Question on Hagaha of Chapter 1 Rabbi Gordon, it is a great inspiration to learn the Tanya with you.

I'm unclear as per the explanation on the Hagaha, in the recording I hear you say " that who's sins are a few that is the Question of Rav Hamnunah to Eliyahu" , then you go on to say that that is the former meaning of the definition of the Benoni, earlier in the chapter, and of course that is not are prospective after we have established that Rabah, never had a free second from Torah learning , my difficulty comes in when I hear you say the words Eliyahu responds with the words צדיק ורע לו if Rav Hamnunah asks about that who's sins are a few?, So how's that possible that Eliyah is responding about the category of a Tzadik?, When we know that the Tzadik, has no sins at all, it seems that Rav Hamnuna was questioning regarding a person that has fewer sins and majority of Mitzvos and how do categorize him?

I hope my question is clear if not , I'll appreciate if you just simplify in other words the message of the Hogoha Reply

Anonymous Arizona, USA February 2, 2013

Tanya: Chapter 1-part 1 Dear Rabbi Gordon what is a Rasha? I have my Tanya book but cannot find the description of this word in the Glosary. This is Likutei Amarim chapter 1. I am also following chapter 26 with you, but I needed to review the first chapters. I study Torah day and night, and constantly studying from all the teachings. I am trying to follow up. 65 years of age is not like when one is younger. But Hashem gives me grace. I have waisted so many years of my life in ignorance, now that I know my Jewishness, some day I will be with my people. Hopefully not as a convert but as a Jewess because that is what I feel since my parents were Sephardic and never told us. Hashem, blessed be He, revealed this to me and ever since I have been studying with His precious compassion on me. Baruch Hashem! Reply

Michal baltimore, usa November 29, 2010

Yasher koach Thank you Rabbi Gordon. I am very happy to find you on the web thanks to I truly enjoy your classes. May you go from strength to strength. Reply

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