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Rabbi Gordon - Bereishit: 1st Portion

Part 5

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Charles October 5, 2014

Maybe yes, maybe no I'll answer for R' Gordon (if I'mnot being too forward): it certainly is not a question of a heretic. Who knows about the worlds before us or after us. It's beyond man's understanding. You can always ask, but don't always expect an answer - since none of us know. Reply

Ann Throckmorton Atlanta, GA/USA October 24, 2011

Angels Please forgive this immature question from a square-one student (me); I will ask it hoping it is not considered to be the question of a heretic: In speaking of Angels associated with Creation: could these Angels (to whom G-d referred) possibly have been the Holy Souls Departed from another world (previous to ours) that, perhaps, had their own Holy Scriptures, etc.? Or by the teaching of the Torah, are we "it" and there are no others? Reply

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