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Rabbi Gordon - Bereishit: 1st Portion

Part 2

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J December 30, 2013

Mitzvoh You talked about how the beginning of the Torah contains no law until the first ordered one upon Moses leading his people out of Egypt. I was just wondering your thoughts on why the Rabbi's did not interpret God's resting after the 6 days of creation, from which the Shabbat practice comes, as an Issuing of "law" from Him.
(Sorry if this is a foolish question. As you can tell, I am not Jewish.) Reply

Rabbi Yehoshua B Gordon Encino, CA November 27, 2011

Seven or Ten Attributes Indeed, there are altogether ten sefirot: Three intellectual and seven emotive.

1. Chochmoh (Wisdom)
2. Binah (Understanding)
3. Da'at (Knowledge)

1. Chesed (Kindness)
2. Gevurah (Severity)
3. Tiferet (Beauty)
4. Netzach (Perseverance)
5. Hod (Splendor)
5. Yesod (Foundation)
7. Malchut (Royalty)

You can study more about these by studying the beginning (first 5 or so chapters) of Book 1 of Tanya on this web site. Reply

M. Goldstein PALATINE, IL November 26, 2011

You spoke of seven attributres, but you used a hebrew words which I did not understand, please tell me what the seven attributes are.
Thank you, Reply