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Igeret HaKodesh: Epistle 23 - Part 1

Tishrei 20

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mendy green pa October 10, 2017

Learning alone When one learns in a room with ten men all learning but not the same subject,does it bring the same revelation? Reply

Rabbi Mendel Adelman January 14, 2018
in response to mendy green:

Hello Mendy,

Yep. It most definitely does.

The Gemara (Berachot 6a) says: "The Gemara returns to Ravin bar Rav Adda’s statement: And from where is it derived that when even one who sits and engages in Torah study, the Divine Presence is with him? As it is stated: “In every place where I cause My Name to be mentioned, I will come to you and bless you” (Exodus 20:21); God blesses even a single person who mentions God’s name, a reference to Torah study".

So, the Divine Presence is there even if one person learns Torah. The Divine Presence waits for them when ten show up to pray.

In Sanhedrin (39a), it says: "Over every gathering of any ten Jews rests the Shechinah (the Divine Presence)".

So, whether they learn the same subject or not, the Divine Presence rests.

Of course, there is an advantage of learning the same subject with regards to Divine Revelation. The Gemara (Berachot above) says that two people who discuss Torah together are inscribed in the book of Remembrance. Reply

L.G. Israel February 18, 2014

to Katrin P. I understand that a group of 10 Jewish women also brings revelation of Divine energy. It could be when learning Torah together. Reply

Katrin P. Germany January 29, 2013

Can I as a woman also help to reveal divine energy? Does it matter if I'm up there on the gallery in regards to revealing divine energy? Did the Almighty say anything on this matter, maybe in the oral law?
I know I'm not very well educated, and I apologize for that. Reply

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