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Boo Hoo Haman

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Boo Hoo Haman

Listen to the Boo Boo Haman song and sing along!
Purim, Nigun

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Chavi Lifshitz Idaho December 15, 2022

אני אוהב את הסרטון הזה!!!! האהוב עליי אי פעם! זה נתן לי השראה להפוך ליהודי אמיתי. ממליץ גם על סרטוני רבי ב' נוספים, לרבות אך לא רק: הדוד מוישי, הרב ב חנוכה ועוד. תודה לך הרב ב'!!!!!!!!!!! Reply

Amy Deckerson USA December 16, 2022
in response to Chavi Lifshitz:

Hey, I love this video, unfortunately, don't understand Chebrew, PLEASE transalate this review, I meself love Chabad .orgs discussions, would love to hear what Chavie has to say. Reply

anomonus pa September 19, 2022

we love!!!!!!!! this song!!!!!!!!!!!!! and its very intertaning in class Reply

keira JACKSONVILLE February 11, 2022

my sister loves this song. Reply

anonyms america February 9, 2021

love it Reply

Purim sameach Cape Town February 25, 2021
in response to anonyms :

Yes & purim is tonight Reply

Leah March 8, 2020

my sisters love it... Reply

Anonymous March 7, 2020

its great Reply

Layla 3 the willows May 16, 2019

This song is hebrew why change it Reply

Anonymous Uk March 3, 2019

Good one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply

Mendel Banon MOROCCO February 28, 2019

What are the words written down? Reply

Anonymous Monsey February 24, 2018

A class can sing this when they are doing anything. Reply

b.g. sydney australia November 1, 2018
in response to Anonymous:

my class sings this all the time! Reply

Elisheva Cape Town February 25, 2021
in response to b.g.:

Yeah? My class did a skit & we used the song Reply

T NY January 19, 2018

Its a little annoying. Reply

Name* Location January 28, 2018
in response to T:

Yea. Reply

Hadasah Valencia Red Bluff February 19, 2017

Good one!!!!! :)!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply

garrett canada February 12, 2016

purim coming this is a very good music video for purim that is even funnier with the hamantachen brothers a very good video by Yossi berktin.... where can I find more of his videos??? Reply

Bandas June 1, 2015

We looooooooooved it!!!!! We watched it so many times,especially on PURIM!
We sang it the entire purim!!! Reply

Anonymous Chico,ca March 9, 2015

it's so........ its so funny and cute Reply

shaina slovakia February 21, 2018
in response to Anonymous:

It is nice Reply

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