Mogein avos bid-varo,
m'chai-yei mei-sim b'ma-amoroh, hoEil hakodosh she’ein komohu,
ham-ei-niach l'amo b'yom shabbos ko-dsho, ki vom rotzoh l'honi-ach lohem.

L'fonov na’avod b'yiro vo-fa-chad,
v'nodeh lishmo b'chol yom tomid mei-ein hab'ro-chos,
Kel hahoda-os adon hashalom, m'kadeish hashabbos um'voreich shvi-i, umeniach bikdushoh l'am mdushnei oneg, zeicher l'ma-aseih v'reishis.


He was a shield to our fathers with His word; He resurrects the dead by His utterance; He is the holy G‑d like whom there is none. He gives rest to His people on His holy Shabbat day, for to them He desired to give rest.

We will serve Him with awe and fear, and offer thanks to His Name every day, continually, in accordance with the blessings [of that day].
He is the G‑d worthy of thanks,
the Master of peace,
who sanctifies the Shabbat
and blesses the Seventh Day
and brings rest with holiness to a people satiated with delight
in remembrance of the work of Creation.