Mizmor l'dovid
Hovu la-Ad-o-noi b'nei elim,
hovu la-Ad-o-noi kovod vo-oz.

Hovu la-Ad-o-noi k'vod sh'mo,
hish-ta-cha-vu la-Ad-o-noi
b'hadras kodesh

Kol Ad-o-noi al ha-moyim,
El ha-kovod hir-im,
Ad-o-noi al mayim rabim.

Kol Ad-o-noi ba-ko-ach,
kol Ad-o-noi behodor.
Kol Ad-o-noi shover arozim
vay'shaber Ad-o-noi
es arzei hal-vonon.

Va-yar-ki-deim k'mo eigel,
l'vonon v'siryon
k'mo ven r-ei-mim.
Kol Ad-o-noi
chotzev la-havos esh,
kol Ad-o-noi yochil midbor,
yochil Ad-o-nai midbor kodesh.

Kol Ad-o-noi y’cholel ayolos.
Va-yeche-sof y’oros,
uv'hecholo kulo omer kovod.

Ad-o-noi lamabul yoshov,
vayeshev Ad-o-noi melech l'olom.
Ad-o-noi oz l'amo yiten,
Ad-o-noi y'vorech
es amo basholom.


A Psalm by David. Render to the L-rd, children of the mighty, render to the L-rd honor and strength.

Render to the L-rd the honor due to His Name; bow down to the L-rd in resplendent holiness.

The voice of the L-rd is over the waters, the G‑d of glory thunders; the L-rd is over mighty waters.

The voice of the L-rd resounds with might; the voice of the L-rd resounds with majesty. The voice of the L-rd breaks cedars; the L-rd shatters the cedars of Lebanon.

He makes them leap like a calf; Lebanon and Sirion like a young wild ox. The voice of the L-rd strikes flames of fire. The voice of the L-rd makes the desert tremble; the L-rd causes the desert of Kadesh to tremble.

The voice of the L-rd causes the does to calve, and strips the forests bare; and in His Sanctuary all proclaim His glory.

The L-rd sat [as King] at the Flood; the L-rd will sit as King forever.
The L-rd will give strength to His people; the L-rd will bless His people with peace.