Lam'na-tzay-ach mizmor l'dovid.
Ya-an'cho Ad-o-noy b'yom tzoro, y'sagev'cho shaym Elohay ya-akov.
Yishlach ez-r'ch mi-kodesh, umi-tziyon yis-odeko.

Yizkor kol min'cho-secho,
v'olos'cho y'dashneh seloh.

Yiten l'cho chil'vo-vecho, v'chol atzos'cho y'ma-lay.

N'ran'noh bishu-osecho, uv'shaym Elo-haynu nidgol, y'malay Ad-o-noy kol mish-alo-secho.

Atoh yoda-ti, ki hoshi-a Ad-o-noy m'shi-cho, ya-anayhu mish'may
kod-sho, big'vuros yay-sha y'mino.

Ayleh vo-rechev, v'ayleh va-susim, va-anachnu b'shaym Ad-o-noy Elo-haynu naz-kir.
Hay-moh kor'u v'nofolu, va-anachnu kam-nu vanis-odod.
Ad-o-noy ho-shi-oh, ha-melech ya-anaynu v'yom kor'aynu.


For the Conductor, a psalm by David. May the L-rd answer you on the day of distress; may the Name of the G‑d of Jacob fortify you.
May He send your help from the Sanctuary, and support you from Zion.

May He remember all your offerings, and always accept favorably your sacrifices.

May He grant you your heart's desire, and fulfill your every counsel.
We will rejoice in your deliverance, and raise our banners in the name of our G‑d; may the Lord fulfill all your wishes.

Now I know that the L-rd has delivered His anointed one, answering him from His holy heavens with the mighty saving power of His right hand.

Some [rely] upon chariots and some upon horses, but we [rely upon and] invoke the Name of the L-rd our G‑d. They bend and fall, but we rise and stand firm. L-rd, deliver us; may the King answer us on the day we call.