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3 Gaaguim

געגועים - ניגוני חב"ד בניחוח של פעם

Azamer Bishvachin
Audio | 4:40
Azamer Bishvachin
אזמר בשבחין
This mystical hymn was composed by the holy Arizal for the Friday night Shabbos meal.
Nigun Simcha (1)
Audio | 3:40
Nigun Simcha (1)
ניגון שמחה 1
Nigun Tefilas Shabbos
ניגון לתפילות שבת
Nigun Simcha (2)
Audio | 4:56
Nigun Simcha (2)
ניגון שמחה 2
This old Russian victory march was adopted by Chassidim into the form of “we are the Rebbe’s army”.
Hoaderes v’Hoemunah
האדרת והאמונה
This hymn found in the Shabbos prayers is from ancient mystical texts and describes the song of the angels in heaven praising Hashem. It’s based on the blessing of Dovid as appears in Divrei Hayamim.
Vaharikoosi Lachem Bracha
והריקותי לכם ברכה
This tune was composed by one of the Charitonov brothers and fitted to the words of the verse in Malachi 3:10.
Nigun Shabbos and Yom Tov
ניגון לשבת ויום טוב
According to Chassidic tradition, this nigun was sung in preparation for reciting a maamar by the Rebbe Maharash, the Fourth Chabad Rebbe.
Nigun Simcha (3)
Audio | 4:50
Nigun Simcha (3)
ניגון שמחה 3
Shehashalom Shelo
Audio | 4:33
Shehashalom Shelo
שהשלום שלו
This nigun is attributed to Reb Yonah Poltaver and the words are from the Shabbos zemiros “Boruch Hashem Yom Yom”.
Nigun Dveikus of Tzemach Tzedek
ניגון דביקות לצמח צדק
This nigun is attributed to the Tzemach Tzedek, the Third Chabad Rebbe, who’d often sing this with awesome attachment.
Yevanim Nikbetzu Olay
יונים נקבצו עלי
A Chassidic tune sung to the words of the 5th stanza of Maoz Tzur.
Tal Yasis
Audio | 5:55
Tal Yasis
טל יעסיס
This nigun was composed by one of the Charitonavs and was sung in Lubavitch before the Rebbe Rashab throughout Sukkos 5659.
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