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2 HaNigun Sheli

הניגון שלי - ניגוני חב"ד בניחוח של פעם

Nigun Simcha (Kublitch)
ניגון שמחה מקובליץ
A nigun sung by Chabad chassidim in the town of Kublitch.
Nigun Dveikus for Shabbos
ניגון דביקות לשבת
Chassidim would sing this nigun with a feeling of transcendence and sublimity.
Nigun Hisvaadus Atik
ניגון התועדות עתיק
The early chassidim drew strength and inspiration from this nigun.
Nigun Vollach (Nikoleav)
ניגון וואלאח מניקולייב
A heartfelt melody of yearning from the town of Nikolayev.
Nigun Simcha (Reb Sholom Charitonov)
ניגון שמחה לר' שלום חריטונוב
A nigun that frees the soul from its inner exile.
Nigun Tefillah (Nikoleav)
ניגון תפילה מניקולייב
Chassidim would daven with this nigun amid dveikus – cleaving and ecstasy of the soul.
Nigun Tefilas Shabbos and Yom Tov
ניגון לתפילת שבת ויום טוב
Chassidim would daven with this nigun on Shabbos.
Nigun Rikud
Audio | 3:44
Nigun Rikud
ניגון ריקוד
A joyous tune of dancing.
Nigun Slach Na
Audio | 5:27
Nigun Slach Na
ניגון סלח נא
This nigun is also known as Der Frenk, and is sung to the words of the piyut Slach Na Ashamos in the Yom Kippur liturgy. (#133)
Nigun Simcha (Rebbe Maharash’s Chassidim)
ניגון שמחה לחסידי הרבי המהרש
Reb Yitzchok Dubov heard this nigun from a chassid of the Rebbe Mahrash, who related that the Maharash was fond of this nigun.
Nigun Vollach
Audio | 6:13
Nigun Vollach
ניגון וואלח
This nigun is attributed to the R’ Meir Shlomo Yanovsky, the Rebbe’s maternal grandfather, who was the rabbi of Nikolayiv. The beginning expresses bitter longing and the end expresses joyful hope. (#203)
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