”Storm the World” Lyrics

Wellsprings are flowing near and far
To bring on the day when
K’Asi Mar
'been making Your Dirah
Building Your home
Gathering the sparks
Wherever we’ve gone

K’Yisron HaOhr Min HaChoshech
But Ad Mosai till Ki Vo Oraich
Until that final day, when
U’Mulah Ha’Aretz Day’ah Es Hashem

Mit a Shturem
Lets storm the world
Our flag is unfurled
The Mayonos are Chutzah
Like never before
Didan Natzach
We’re winning the war
V’Aolech Eschem Koimemiyus L’artzeinu Hakedosha
With our heads held high
We’re marching on
The road to geuloh

Al Tirah
We’re crouching no more
K’Aryeh Yishag, with a lions roar
We are rising again
Higher than ever before

Ker ah Velt
Turn over the world
Yamah VaKeidmah
Till the call is heard
Ker ah Aelt Hient
Tzafonah VaNegbah
Let’s light up the night