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Nigun Reb Aharon Charitonov

Live in Concert with Yair Kalev

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Nigun Reb Aharon Charitonov: Live in Concert with Yair Kalev


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Bochur April 1, 2019

Beautiful Reply

Anonymous Bloomington, MN February 25, 2019

timeless nigun that lifts the soul I was touched by the beautiful melody and soulfulness of this Nigun Reb Aharon Charitonov from the very first time I heard it. What a beautiful performance of it by Yair Kalev and his band! The violin solo piece was really nice. Thank you! Reply

a Boucher foon tomchay tmimim n.y. October 26, 2016

to amazing started crying out enjoyment, thanks so much it's so beautiful. Reply