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Nigun "Yaaleh Tachanuneinu"

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Nigun "Yaaleh Tachanuneinu"

Nigun, Yaaleh Tachanuneinu

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Mariab USA February 2, 2023

Rabbi Yair Kalev, I listen to your song again and the feeling is the same. It is as if I were only my heart, an awakening of my feelings. It is not a common feeling. You have the gift of touching my heart. Thanks. Reply

Joyce F Oxfeld Philadeldphia January 31, 2023

So beautiful, as I have never heard these types of melodies sound as this . Reply

Ahavah USA July 6, 2021

Wow! so beautiful! Goosebumps! <3 Reply

Rivky Lakewood nj February 1, 2021

So so gorgeous!!! Thank you!!! Reply

Marta Sousa de Carr Pasadena April 18, 2018

Definitely I don' have words for talk about your music and I don't understand the language but Iam grateful the you are singing and I found you, even when I cried listening you. Thanks Reply

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