Adon Olam - Translation

Lord of the universe, who reigned before everything as created, at the time when by His will all things were made, then was His name proclaimed King, and after all things shall cease to be, the Awesome One Will reign alone. He was, he is and He shall be in glory. He is One and there is no other to compare to Him, to consort with Him. Without beginning without end, power and dominion belong to Him. He is My G‑d and my ever-living redeemer. The strength of my lot in time of distress. He is my banner and my refuge, my portion on the day I call. Into His band I entrust my spirit, when I sleep and when I awake. With my soul, my body too, the L-rd is with me, I shall not fear. (Morning prayer).

An exultant Chasidic melody, with origins in the Russian town of Nevel.