This melody is an appropriate setting to verses from Psalm 55. King David expresses his praise and thankfulness to the Creator, who has delivered him from the hand of his enemies, in answer to the prayers of his many friends who aided him and for whom he beseeches the Al-mighty to answer their requests. He implores the Almighty to punish the wicked. The Psalmist himself has absolute faith in the L-rd, who does not forsake the righteous. Podo V'sholom is the traditional melody sung by the Lubavitcher Chassidim each year at their farbrengen (get-together) on the 19th of Kislev. This day marks the anniversary of the liberation, in 5559 (1798), of the Alter Rebbe, founder of the Chabad movement, from his imprisonment in Petersburg, Russia, after being denounced by his opponents for his activities on behalf of Chassidism. The 19th of Kislev therefore symbolizes the victory of the Chassidic movement, especially of Chabad, which since then began to take root and spread throughout the Jewish world.