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The Absurdity of Sin

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The Absurdity of Sin

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Sam Denmark November 23, 2018

Shalom Rebbe, first I want to say you have truly been a blessing for many that have listened to these lectures. All glory to The Creator for the wisdom you have received and shear with the creation. Thank you.

Last I want to share with you is an correction about the mosquito.
I have learned by observing a mosquito on its mission to take some blood from me, that while they are taking the blood they are at the same time realising something in their back. Drops of liquid is being given to you. When the liquid lands on your skin your skin absorbs it. If you ask me what it is I really don't know! But yes thought it might be nice to represent the mosquito as a giving creature also :).

Shalom. Reply

S U.K. January 17, 2017

Unconscious people When people live a life without the knowledge of HaShem and lead a life of misdeeds they are unconscious of the serious effects within the soul the impact on this earth and the resonance within the universe and ultimately towards HaShem.

The hardest apart of life is turning to HaShem with a broken and contrite and then observing reality of this world.

The world takes so many away from the ultimate love of HaShem. This is the greatest love, if one can achieve this.

Life without HaShem is worthless, seeking and finding HaShem is a delightful exploration healing all the damage to the soul. Reply

Scott Cunningham Boca Raton, FL December 15, 2012

Ths physicology of the soul WOW! I have stumbled onto something huge with this website on the Rosh Chodash Tevet Sabbath. This is truly a miracle for me this Chanukah 2012. Thank you Hashem for essences of creation! Reply

A series of video classes that expound upon mystical themes from the classic Chassidic work of Tanya.
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