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Shema Yisrael

Part One: Imagining Creation


Shema Yisrael 1: Part One: Imagining Creation

The first step of Shema is to lift yourself into a space from which you can see the view from above.
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Meditation, Shema

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Anonymous February 7, 2018

Rabbi Tzvi Freeman. Thank you for sharing your insight with us. I sense the power within ( Spark of Light) is a precious gift of life, a miracle expresssed at birth. The forever gift. Reply

Yehudit Katz israel June 30, 2017

Rabbi: Can you throw some light on the enlarged ayin and dalet in the Shema דע as knowledge and עד as 'witness' or 'testify' or to be 'consciously aware and having 'intimate knowledge'? and also is there a connection with the עד of ּועד spelled with a segol, vs a kamatz. Why is it translated as 'forever and ever' ( as in עד with a kamatz when 1) it seems to be related in meaning to the above shema statement with enlarged ע and ד, regarding being consciously aware and intimately present. -as in we are making a home for hashem in this world in the sanctuary of our material bodies. Isn't this traditional translation relating to time '...forever and ever' falling short of the true meaning and misleading? Thanks, Reply

Tzvi Freeman June 23, 2014

Re: Question about Read the story of how Yaakov's name was changed to Yisrael in Parshat Vayishlach. We have a fascinating essay on that called "Double Identity." Reply

Anonymous June 21, 2014

Question about "Israel" Thank you, Rabbi Freeman. I am always grateful for a deeper understanding/connection to the Wisdom of G_d.

I have a question regarding the word "Israel." In your presentation, you said that "Israel" means "the one who is the prince over all of the other angels." Could you please direct me as to how I can learn more about this? What can I study that will illuminate this further for me?

Again, many thanks. May the gifts you share with the world come back to you many times over. Reply

Amichai Schneller MN March 5, 2014

thank you. Thank you for showing the vowels. Reply

susan davis clearwater, fl September 10, 2013

Shema meditation Thank you Rabbi. I appreciate that you are able to articulate what I have been blessed to perceive, but could not really grasp in a tangible way. I have listened to this part of the Shema many times to absorb and understand it so that it it is an awareness every time I say Shema. Now, before Yom Kippur I am very grateful for your thoughts and insights... Thank you again. Reply

Bill Hodge Auckland, New Zealand June 21, 2012

Thanks Rabbi. From my experience as a traditional Latin Catholic, genuinely helpful. Keep up the good work. God bless. Reply

Julia Rubin Hamilto, MA February 19, 2012

Thank You Dear Rabbi,
This is an awesome message. I found the music and effects meditative and transporting, which helped me open my mind to your words. I also enjoyed having the handouts, it makes the learning more interactive. I look forward to more teachings. Reply

Anonymous Brescia, Italy February 18, 2012

Thank you Dear Rabbi,
Thank you and again thank you. I really appreciate this great lesson and the ability you have to make me expand the thought about the Creation. I experienced wonderful feelings about our Creator.
The music in the background is - to me - also great and helped me focusing on your words of wisdom, on the very sound of your voice while describing the various layers of Intelligence surrounding us.
Great work, Kol HaKavod. Reply

Anonymous Oldsmar, Fl January 11, 2012

Spirituality Thank you Rabbi, I was looking forward to listening to your meditation on the Shmah. I ritght away thought,while listening, what a beautiful gift, I want to share it with my friends. I have felt this about so much in my learning, and see that some people just don;t "get it". They don't think; why am I here, or they say I am not spiritual. How can I share and reach people, when there seems to be so many that are on automatic. I hope you can help me, because I want to share His light. And He has made me with such a seeking spirit to get close to Him. Thank you again. Reply

Anonymous Brooklyn, New York December 18, 2011

Greetings Thank you Rabbi Tzvi, keep up the great work.
btw I love the sounds in back round Reply

Anonymous July 21, 2011

AHAD Great Teacher Great Mystic Musik !!

Thanks for presenting the Shma in its Light of Potency! Revealing and Connecting to The Truth of Eternity. That It is ONE !

L Haym and Moschiah NOW ! Reply

Anonymous 04101, ME April 22, 2011

Shema Yisrael part one My heart is so grateful to have found your teachings. They are helping me tremendously in drawing closer to our Almighty Creator. Deeper into the Word of G-d. Stand, Look up, reach up, behold, salvation is near, and comes from the ONE who has given you life !

Thank you so very much for sharing your wisdom and teachings! Reply

Deborah Schiff Newton, MA, USA February 20, 2011

Meditations Totally wonderful. All this embodies the essence of our Jewish lives - these are the best and meaningful meditations I have encountered. Takes me into another world - or maybe, only that which is really important! I use these every day. Reply

Marina Steinberg HB, CA, USA February 7, 2011

Dear Rabbi,
I love your teachings and the music as well. Reply

Anonymous, California San Diego, Ca, USA January 16, 2011

Thank you Although I usually like silence, I enjoyed your effects. Since your voice is very soothing and inspiring, I can understand that in busy America, the effects may help some people focus. Keep up the great work! Reply

Anonymous w August 27, 2010

special effects It seemed many people were offput by the music. Don't be afraid to go to R. Freeman's other prayer explanations. He did listen and the newer ones don't have the distracting music. Hey, anybody can make mistakes. Give R. Freeman a huge round of applause for listening skills, and astute decision making. I didn't notice how bad the music was until i went to the other prayers.
Dear Rabbi- can't you get one of your computer friends to take the music out of those clips ? Looks like you are going to have readers going to your site for years to come. Might as well end future disappointment. Just a thought.
Good Shabbos all ! Reply

disappointed israel August 25, 2010

special effects the message is great
the weird visual effects and spooky music only detract
too bad Reply

disappointed israel August 25, 2010

special effects the message is great
the weird effects and spooky music really detract
too bad Reply

Anonymous April 26, 2010

source When i looked into the source for the Shema, the answer had a couple ideas. Abraham may have known it. Jacob may have been known to actually say it in the desert, and that would seem to explain how all the sons said the Shema in unison at Jacob's bedside. They knew the line from their dad, and that repeating it would console the anxiety Jacob had about their piety going forward, and the survival of Judaism the way Jacob saw it. Jacob's reply "Baruch Shem kavod ..." ("Blessed be the name of the glory of His Kingdom forever and ever) holds relief in understanding that it bodes well for the future.

It would be very interesting to hear other ideas about the Shema's source. Reply

In order to give one’s words wings with which they may fly, we endeavor to infuse them with meditative intentions. Learning to inspire prayer with meditation greatly enhances the experience and imbues it with enhanced meaning and reach. This series offers guided meditations appropriate to everyday prayer.
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