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String Theory & Kabbalah

Theories of Everything - Part 12

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String Theory & Kabbalah : Theories of Everything - Part 12

Uncanny similarities are noted between the Hyperspace Dimensions of String Theory and the Ten Sefirot of Kabbalah.
String Theory & Kabbalah  
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Kabbalah, Science & Technology

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Reese September 11, 2015

what about the 0 dimension? Reply

David April 6, 2013

Thoughs resulting from the video There are 3+1 dimensions that we experience as living human beings in the physical world, and 6+1 dimensions that are hidden from us. There are also two worlds that are currently separated, one we live in and one hidden from us: Olam ha-zeh and Olam ha-bah. Should we be able to visualize the 6+1 dimensions as well, it would be as though we could see both worlds, or in the more messianic terms that all dead people will come to life. Reply

asher silver Toronto, Canada September 26, 2010

Time is an artificial construct Of the revealed, my gut feel says that time is a proxy for another dimension we dont understand and cannot model properly.

Einstein duct-taped time together so that it can continue to be used, but it may be the wrong concept.

Secondly, while string theory implies vibration of "somethings" what about all of creation having a "frequency" since Hashem "recreates the world every moment", as I understand the principle. Reply

vincent meijer The haque/delft, Holland September 7, 2010

Droste effect Hi, great series, I always wondered about the keter daat difference in some models and thought that I was mistaken or didn't understand, or that I had not enough knowledge of Hebrew, so thanks a lot. Do you know "droste effect" as we call it in Holland? The origanal droste chocolate container with a picture of a woman serving chocolate on a plate also with a pack of chocolate showing a picture of a woman serving chocolate on a plate and a pack of chocolate with a picure of a woman serving.....and so on into iternity or as far as the eye can see in theory.
Is that something or insiqnificant? I know some people view it as metaphysically very interesting.
bye, thanks! Reply

Jack Baret Mississauga, Canada September 3, 2010

Part 12 Though I'm not Jewish I think there is a little Jewishness in all of us if we look for it. Once again Asher has lucidly communicated to us an all encompassing theory that challenges us to look for G-d in every breath we take. It motivates me to find my place here on earth and to look to the heavens. He intrigues me to explore those hidden six dimensions that influence me in my conscious and unconscious states. I know about the other four and the balance they provide for me in my waking state yet I have always known that something was missing and I must find this lost part of my soul in this lifetime. Thank-you for your lectures on the theory of everything Asher. Reply

Anonymous September 2, 2010

String Theory & Kabbalah These classes are very investing to me, good job. i remember once when i went to an event for drummers. We were to set a record for drum sets and drummers playing at the same time. Wood stick is what they called it, having hundreds of drummer playing together, wow! Just think instead of strings we replace that with vocal cords. So when all the Jewish people were to harmonize the cords of our voices in prayer this may activate the frequency needed. Reply

Bob Popkin Port Washington, NY September 2, 2010

Part 12 Thank you. Every part of your lecture series has been outstanding. May G-d give you goodness in a good way and the ability to continue your work. Shalom. Reply