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The World of Creation

Theories of Everything - Part 8


The World of Creation : Theories of Everything - Part 8

The world of Briyah is described as a plane of "abstract intelligence."
The World of Creation
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Mosh North Hollywood, CA September 13, 2010

Pretty cool the concepts are heavy but, way to bring them down! its like NOVA on PBS meets Shaar HaYichud VeEmunah. If the images that come up were of higher quality and more on topic that would be better. Reply

Malka S. August 29, 2010

Thanks Thanks for this clear presentation. I liked the graphics, and the 2nd time I saw it, it began to open up my heart. Reply

Anonymous voorhees, us August 24, 2010

world of creation I wasn't intending to be critical, only that the authoritative source I mentioned appeared first so I would like to understand if his presentation is a deviation from that source or possibly I didn't understand. Reply

Carl Toronto, ON August 23, 2010

Some compliments Yes, he may have the order mixed or not, but let us be appreciative of this series which is freely presented by Asher. It is fascinating and provides great insight into levels beyond the here and now. I really enjoy this series. Thank you Asher. Reply

Carl Toronto, ON August 23, 2010

Some compliments Yes, he may or may not be correct, but we must be grateful for these series Asher is giving - these are amazing concepts so let us also be appreciative - I find it fascinating and it helps put things in perspective.
Thanks. Reply

Anonymous voorhees, nj August 19, 2010

world of creation From Sefer Yetzirah, p 46 (Aryeh Kaplan) the Ari lists Chakhmah and Binah as the TIME dimension and Keter & Malhut as the moral dimension (good and evil). Ramak is listed showing the reverse groupings. Space dimension is shown associated with the 6 emotional Sefirot. The Ari appears inconsistent with your views. Reply