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Dimensions of the World: Soul (Nefesh)

Theories of Everything - Part 4


Dimensions of the World: Soul (Nefesh): Theories of Everything - Part 4

A description of the spiritual dimension as the "conscious observer" which defines the temporal and spatial dimensions.
Soul (Nefesh)
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Marina Steinberg BH, CA August 30, 2011

Your lectures are terrfic. I love science and mediicine. Reply

Darrel Sisson Houston, Tx USA August 13, 2010

Dimensions of the world: Soul Wow I really these lessons. I am completely blown away by the need for an observer. No one has explained these concepts as easily as Asher Crispe. I have searched for someone to explain these ideas in a way I can understand how they relate to kabbalah. Great job. I hope deeper concepts will be available thru Chabad Org. Reply

Chani August 5, 2010

wow. Let us know when you write a book on the subject matter. Fascinating. always wanted to know where Torah ties in with science. Reply

Carl Toronto, Can August 5, 2010

Great This is powerful information - I need to watch it a few times to get it's full impact - the concepts are amazing. Great work! Reply

Anonymous Brooklyn, NY August 5, 2010

Linguistics Re: Soul of Space,
It just occurred to me for the first time that the word "equal" comes from the Hebrew word,

Thanks for another enlightening episode. Reply

Anonymous Montreal, Canada August 5, 2010

Science and Torah Once again, Bravo! You would have made a great physicist. We are all fortunate that you have combined that talent with becoming a great Rabbi!!! Reply