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Before Life, Life, and After-Life

Seven Sabbaticals of Life: Lesson 1


Before Life, Life, and After-Life: Seven Sabbaticals of Life: Lesson 1

The three Sefirot of Chessed, Gevurah and Tiferet represent three phases of a person's existence: 1) before the soul's embodiment, 2) during the soul's life in the body, and 3) the afterlife of the soul following physical embodiment.
The Seven Sabbaticals of Life unit 1
Sefirot, Soul, Life After Death, Tiferes, Gevurah, Chesed

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Holly June 25, 2015

Memory of the otzar haneshamot Is it possible to not only remember the otzar haneshamot, but feel it is a more real aspect of your existence than this world ? Also, is it possible to miss the otzar haneshamot? Reply

Bea WNY October 3, 2013

Wow... very good video and teaching Thank you so much, You really made this natural to understand. Proof you know what you know and you know it well... very deeply. Again thank you! My favorite video thus far on Chabad and I'm viewed many. Reply

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