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Future Trends

Lesson Three: Nanotechnology


Future Trends: Nanotechnology: Lesson Three: Nanotechnology

Global and personal implications of controlling matter on a molecular scale.
Future Trends 3

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Anonymous Boca raton, Florida August 18, 2010

Future Trends very good Reply

Anonymous Salford, UK July 20, 2010

Nanotechnology This sounds so far away from my daily experience! If there IS the ability to power the whole world so efficiently-why isn't this happening? All I hear (as a simple "person in the street") is that fuel prices are rising by the day and I am told that soon there will be no energy source or I will never be able to afford fuel!!
I would really appreciate hearing a response.
Thank you! Reply

Jack Baret Mississauga, Canada July 13, 2010

Nanotechnology Once again you have lucidly explained the mind boggling explosion of this ever expanding field where humans may fall in the wake of scientific research and development! I wonder about how these trends will effect the way we treat each as we move ahead and live longer and hopefully with the ethical insight about who we are supposed to be in G-d's eyes and soul. Reply

Mr. Richard Raff July 12, 2010

Future Trends: Nanotechnology Indeed this can explain many questions and may help the future Jew to explain himself. When looking at the fine tuned world of nanotechnology we must some how ask the question, what more can be done? When jobs of human beings are replace by machines then what do we do? Great job and nice look into the deep subject of what's to come. Reply