Future Trends

Lesson Two: Biotechnology


Future Trends: Biotechnology: Lesson Two: Biotechnology

New advances in human health are examined from a spiritual perspective.
Future Trends 2

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Anonymous November 30, 2014

jacketed glass reactor It is said that the jacketed glass reactor is very popular. Moreover, it has wide scope of application. And see here: www.toption-china.com . What’s more, it is very effective on engineering, biological pharmacy and synthesis of new materials. Reply

Mrs. susan bernstein July 14, 2010

future trends of biotechnology Very informative Reply


AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! Reply

Ezza Amitai melbourne, Vic July 13, 2010

I finally understand What times we live in thank G-d!
I never understood how the 7th millenium could be all Shabbat until I saw these two TV presentations.

Now I understand. How amazing is the Torah, that everything that is prophesied, however miraculous or unimaginable, always comes to pass! How blessed we are to be given this beloved gift from our astonishing Father.

With gratitude, Reply

Jack Baret Mississauga, Canada July 12, 2010

Stem cell research. I really enjoyed your lecture on the future trends of biotechnology. Reply

Martha Bogotá, Colombia July 8, 2010

Lesson Two Biotechnology It was very interesting lesson.
Maybe the human being will have time to learn more Torah and leave Mitzraim (Ego).
Shalom Reply

Mr. Richard Raff July 8, 2010

Future Trends - Lesson Two: Biotechnology What wonders have the new frontier have to offer us? Nanotechnology is very intriguing and can also be used as a new energy source to elevate human beings into the stars. We have come a long way from Adam. Reply