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1. The Kapeliah - Live in Concert


1. Live in Concert

A carefree, joyous melody, dating from the time of the second Chabad Rebbe. It was originally sung by Chassidim as they traveled the road to the town of Lubavitch. Ailu Omrim: This moving melody, composed by early Chabad Chassidim, draws forth the message of the nigun: Contemplating repentance even in monuments of highest rapture. V'nislach: A poignant song from the Yom Kippur service, beseeching G-d to forgive the iniquities of His people. Zol Shion Zein: A spirited song set to words expressing our fervent hope that the redemption come soon and that we shall witness the realization of a perfect world in our lifetime. Chotsh Mi Chudi: A popular and lively Chabad tune.
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