Video: Holtzbergs' Funeral Services

December 2, 2008 8:00 AM

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Larry Fischer Orlando, FL/USA via jewishorlando.com November 28, 2009

Massacre of Jews Psalms and prayers have not been answered by G_d. Not during the Holocaust or the many other massacres aimed at Jews and Jews alone. The only way we can achieve "Never Again" is for every Jew to arm himself. Israel led the way, and all Jews must follow its lead. I for one am prepared and I hope all Jews will do the same. Reply

Anonymous Austin, TX December 7, 2008

English translation Please do an English translation Reply

Avraham Epstein Flatbush, NY December 7, 2008

We're with you Dear Chabad chassidim,

you're hurting, and we, all of Israel, are hurting with you over this tremendous loss. There are no words. May G-d give strength to the Chabad emissaries to continue their holy mission, and may more light of Torah illuminate the world. Reply

Anonymous Dix Hills, NY USA December 3, 2008

Terroristic Acts. I like many others around the world watched and listened in horror of the tragedy that befell not only the Jewish Family, the families of the murder victims, but the human family. I can't imagine the unspeakable pain of the family members left behind. Unfortunately for all of our praying, Psalms and tears, Almighty G-D's answer was, No. They must come to ME. I've asked my own Rabbi, why? Did we not say enough Psalms, prayers, give enough charity? Why? There are no answers. However, as broken as our collective hearts our, we, the Jewish people must stand as one. We must stand and say, no more. We must say Psalms, prayers, give charity with all our hearts. We must make Aliyah. We must return to our homeland, Israel NOW. Please give extra charity, feed your neighbor, clothe your neighbor and say a kind word. When we do these things we will do them to the merit of the Aliyah of the souls of those who were murdered in Mumbai, India. As much as our collective heart is in pain, we must rebuild. Reply

Anonymous Brooklyn, NY December 3, 2008

It is well known that "the heavenly gates of tears are never locked"
Dear G-d PLEASE let the oceans of tears shed by YOUR cildren this past week be enough to wash away our pain forever.
ENOUGH!!!! we can't cry any more Reply

rev Ngabo alex stockholm, sweden December 3, 2008

G-d bless baby moshe Moses was drawn out of the river nile by a gentile woaman , pharoah's daughter, but this same Moses become the one that drew the nation of Israel out of slavery. G-d bless baby Moshe because he is the begining of the change that will transform the evil energies of terrorism into the peace and love that the world needs. Reply

Rajagopal Reddy Bangalore, India December 3, 2008

Heartfelt Condolences Its just not understood how a peace loving community could be targeted in a barbaric way. Its ruth less, it was not an attack by terrorists, it was literally an execution of innocent citizens carried out by fanatics . We pray for the well being of the child and the near and dear ones. Reply

Pinchus December 3, 2008

Never Shed So Many Tears It's time. Please G-d send Moshiach now! Jews, let us get stronger from this and make this goal a reality already for it is time! Reply

Frankie Lee, Singapore Singapore December 2, 2008

My heartfelt condolences When I saw the picture of Moishe cried at the arms of his nanny, my heart ached and bled! I was overwhelmed with pain and sorrow. I kept asking myself why his parents were killed in such a manner? They are peace-loving couple who are very committed to their cause and belief in helping the world to be a better place. Yet, they were destroyed by the devil-incarnated individuals. This is not fair.
But this couple and those innocent lives who died in such a heinous act will never be forgotten by me. More importantly, everyone of us must do the right thing - to eradicate root cause of terrorism and blunt its horns of destructions. We must render kind acts to all humanity regardless of race, creed and faith.
I will continue to pray for them and their families.
Moishe, please be strong and grow up be a child of peace-loving boy and continues with the good works that your parents had done for their people. Reply

A soldier in Tzivos Hashem December 2, 2008

Tzivos Hashem We will take revenge on the terrorists. We will fight back. Except our weapons are neshek (Shabbat candles), tefillin, mezuzahs, etc. and we have tanks to wipe out these terrorist - they are called mitzvah tanks. So let us unite. This is how we will eradicate terrorists. We will bring the messiah now!!! Reply

Sergio Saenz El Paso, United States December 2, 2008

My condolences to the family The things that most often brings humanity together are those things that come out of tragedy. Unacceptable tragedies such as what happened to the victims in India.

I am a Catholic and I am also a young parent. I cannot help but think about the little Moshe, or the many other little ones, Hindu, Christian and so forth orphaned by terrorist's fire. I cannot help but to think that these are dangerous times and that my daughter will not have it any easier when she grows up.

Let the universal condemnation of these acts serve as a testimony of our vulnerable human condition and as a remainder that, independently of our religious beliefs, G-d puts everyone into trial.

G-d bless Moshe and his family. Reply

Anonymous Manchester, UK December 2, 2008

Kdedoshim Although it's human nature to try and understand why such a terrible tragedy has occured, it cheapens the whole scenario to attempt to apply human intellect. There comes a time when we must trust and beleive that G-d rules the world, knows what He's doing and that it is beyond our ability as created beings to hope to fathom His ways. Reply

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Special section to remember the cruel murders of Gavriel (Gabi) and Rivky Holtzberg, beloved directors of Chabad of Mumbai. The story of the Holtzbergs' legacy of light.
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