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Sukkot: The Etrog

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The Etrog

The beauty of “the four kinds” is the etrog, the citron fruit. What distinguishes the etrog from an ordinary lemon?
Four Kinds, Etrog

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Manny October 17, 2021

Hypothetically, if someone were growing an etrog tree in their backyard, everything's good, it's from the seed or cutting of a kosher etrog, it's over 4 yrs old, etc. Let's say the pitom falls while the fruit is still on the tree, is this said etrog still kosher for the holiday? Reply

Mendel Fogelman for October 24, 2021
in response to Manny:

If the pitom falls off the estrog while still on the tree as part of a natural process, - it is kosher. In such a case, it would be recognizable by the thin, light brown layer of skin which subsequently grows back and covers the spot of the of the indentation. Reply

CINDY GRAHAM CA, CA via September 17, 2013

THE ETROG I am so happy that I finally learned about the lulav and the etrog. This is my first time looking at this and it's just wonderful. Thank you so much for this video. Reply

Joey Philadelphia, PA via October 1, 2009

Kabbalah in the name of the Alter Rebbe Seems like The Talmud means just that... Reply

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