The Charity Ladies


The Charity Ladies

Itche and Jono help two eccentric sisters give tzedakah. Hilarity ensues.

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Naftali Strucks minnesota September 21, 2018

maybe a couple hundred years ago 18 dollars was worth millions today Reply

Dhjsj Dewar February 10, 2018

Love this show Reply

'Shkoyich, Raboisai Canada July 25, 2017

Rule 1 about bingo night: Don't talk about bingo night. Reply

Mussia Bukiet January 15, 2017

Instead of singing doorbell, maybe answer the door!
That is acting like Jono! Reply

Anonymous December 3, 2016

I wonder what Jono's dr. said that he drank tea. Poor Jono who was forced to drink the tea, cuz he cant turn them down, after all he's afraid of them. Reply

Chana Goldstein Monsey, NY February 14, 2016

Nice clip Cute. I love this one very much. Reply

Chana Goldstein Monsey, NY February 12, 2016

Very cute and funny. I love this one very much! Reply

Anonymous Boise ID June 12, 2014

love it! really good and entertaining Reply

continue IKS why did the show stop May 13, 2014

continue the show why did the show stop? Reply

abiyah h. laywe new jersey, usa October 8, 2011

Crazy Those ladies must be so old because they are going back and forth for a door Reply

scratchy kadoozy stlouis, usa December 15, 2010

keep making more! my whole class loves itche kadoozy and beg are teacher to let us. this is a everyday event at eha Reply

Anonymous colleyville, tx September 28, 2010

funny there hilarious i hope they make more of thiese vidioes Reply

wlhelm kid (moussia) oslo, norway April 1, 2010

what hapend? what hapend to jono? Reply

Jonathan Whitesville, Kentucky March 16, 2010

scary old ladies scary old ladies are you there?
thats funny.
these are funny and educational.

Anonymous March 16, 2010

funny these guys are hilarious and touching at the same time Reply

avrohom feldman sydney, us January 13, 2010

you did a great job Reply

mussi August 7, 2009

what? whats an intervention? Reply

Anonymous August 7, 2009

RE: young man??? compared 2 them, he is old! Reply

sara pa , scranton via July 30, 2009

ha hah ah ha ha ha ha jonos crying he is sniffing in the corner if you coul see by 5 minuts and 1 sec Reply

Anonymous via April 13, 2009

young man??? They said: "thank u young man"

I thought rabbi itche kadoozy is old!!! Reply

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