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When Will We No Longer Need to Say “Thank G-d”?


When Will We No Longer Need to Say “Thank G-d”?

There is more than one way to minimize the spiritual distance between oneself and G-d. Some of these ways will become obsolete in the Messianic era. But the way of gratitude has no expiry date.
Moshiach and the Future Redemption, Baruch Hashem, Thanksgiving Offering (Korban Todah), Korbanot, Tzav

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Andrew Pimentel Lynn March 18, 2019

Thank G-D ! For your videos :-), You bring joy and knowledge every time through your work I truly say thank G-D for you and what you do here. Reply

brett british columbia March 17, 2019

take off eh? Seems your two hosers must be recent converts from Winnipeg.
As a gentile and canadian who has found his way to Judaism, I appreciate the message. Reply