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Would You Hurt a Fly?


Would You Hurt a Fly?

Cruelty towards animals is strictly forbidden by the Torah. For two distinct reasons: one intrinsic to the life of the animal itself; the other extrinsic, yet no less important ... indeed, perhaps even more important.
Mishpatim, Milk and Meat, Tza'ar Ba'alei Chayim

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Bladimir 33069 February 2, 2019

Great video! Keep the good work Judaism needs to be exciting , fun , inspirational, Warm and welcoming to its valuable lessons. Take the holy teachings to a new height . May Hashem bless you and all people involved iin the video to be successful beyond measure. Reply

Misty Ky February 1, 2019

"...really about distancing human beings from cruelty." I love this. Cruelty to animals is unconscionable. And this lesson is for all humanity. Thank you for this wonderful, timely teaching. Reply

Deborah Ware White City OR. January 31, 2019

Really enjoyed Rabbi Chighel's Lesson on "Would You Hurt A Fly?". Thank You! Actually, sometime back I was telling a friend, when We All Stand before G-d and Our Lifetime is graded on how We lived Our Lives, etc. I'm sure I will get to meet the Flys, Ants & Bees that I saved as well as the ones I did not save. Todah, Rabbi! Reply

Maryasha Schild Spring Valley January 31, 2019

Ah! A person's a person no matter how small! My mouth fell open! Thank you for all of your references. They make the video astoundingly funny! (and ironic)

Please, please, please make more videos!

Beautiful message! Taught in a caring and unintimidating manner :) Reply

Meir Queens ny January 31, 2019

Thanks rabbi... awosome video!!! It seems A lot of work is put in these videos. Reply

Cesar P January 31, 2019

Very funny and original !!!! Reply

Anonymous HOBART January 28, 2019

Although implicitly suggesting that one wouldn't hurt a fly, it was not explicit. It would be nice to know halacha's ruling on swatting a fly. Reply

Anonymous January 28, 2019

Oh he's supposed to be an Italian mobster now I get it.
The music in the end though that's already leading towards some movies right?... I got that right too didn't I ? Reply

Uri Yitzchak Orlando,Fl January 27, 2019

Very talented and funny..thank you.! Reply

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