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Should Toxic Environments Be Avoided at All Costs?


Should Toxic Environments Be Avoided at All Costs?

A lesson from Jacob's blessing to his grandson Efraim.
Jacob Blesses Menasseh and Ephraim, Vayechi

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Anonymous canada February 11, 2019

Wow! Thank you for your uplifting wisdom.

You've made my heart light and I thank you for that! Reply

Mariab Pasadena, Ca, USA February 1, 2019

Is it beter to desist sometimes? You are great teacher Rabbi Michael Chighel. I agree with your teaching "to engage" the toxic environment but what about when the toxic environment reject us?. Even if it is our own family? How can we keep hoping? Reply

Tania Toronto December 22, 2018

I always find your presentations so entertaining and that makes it extremely educational and easy to understand. You were truly blessed with a talent of teaching. Teachers are born, not made...
Blessings to you and your family and may you continue to bless your audience with your talent that Hashem has bestowed upon you. Reply

Leslie Galloway Hawaii Natl Park December 21, 2018

Wow, this is so powerful. Reply

miriammalka Seattle December 20, 2018

Rabbi, as a good, traditional woman with a terrible health condition where I need to use cannabis or I will die, and also as person who values all Hashem's creations, I have a very serious problem with your view of the wonderful and free places in America where my need to smoke outside (to be able to get the medicine in fast enough and also to protect those around me who do not wish to experience my secondhand smoke outside) as "bad" Neighborhoods. The gentleness of such places as compared with other Neighborhoods makes it possible to live there. I am not depraved any more than anyone else and neither are my Neighbors. Cannabis is a healing plant given to us by G-d and those who enjoy it even if they are not ill are no different than those modestly enjoying a little l'chaim, whereas for those of us who are ill, our lives are saved. What say you, Rabbi? Reply

Michael A Gold Mentor January 7, 2019
in response to miriammalka:

I think you missed the point. Reply

Aleks Yakubson Staten Island December 18, 2018

But how does one measure one's moral fiber's level, and define they're ready/unready to withstand toxic environment? Reply

Dov Kaplan December 20, 2018
in response to Aleks Yakubson:

One cannot do this on his own. He needs to have a Rav / Mashpia to help him evaluate his own spiritual level and the situation. Reply

Aleks December 20, 2018
in response to Dov Kaplan:

Agreed, but how does a rabbi discern and manage with this dilemma, especially given that he must do it for another person and also probably for himself quite often too? Reply