The United Nations of the Future

Studying Tehillim: Chapter 47, Part 2


The United Nations of the Future: Studying Tehillim: Chapter 47, Part 2

Following a brief preamble to the unique nature of Psalm 47, we proceed to the inaugural verses. A sweeping prophetic vision of world-nations in the post ‘Gog and Magog’ era. Universal abandonment of aggression will see former rivals transcending differences and uniting in a higher calling to our common Creator. Discover divergent dimensions of this magnificent messianic montage of the future; ranging from jubilant cries to melancholy ululating. As a never heretofore phenomenon of global G-d consciousness becomes the new normal, atheists and deists alike will suddenly see the light, acknowledging G-d’s supremacy and immanent presence.
Tehillim - Psalms - Chapter 47
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