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What is the Torah Perspective on Divorce?


What is the Torah Perspective on Divorce?

There are times when divorce is necessary in order to continue living a healthy lifestyle, but it is considered a very sad and painful event.

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chana k May 18, 2017

Just to clarify.
A person whose mother is Jewish, is Jewish and is eligible to marry a Jew with a Rabbi and a ketubah. Even if his mother does not have a ketubah of her own.
You use the parents' ketuba as proof that the mother is Jewish, but that is not the only possible proof.
(Barring the person being a 'mamzer'- whose mother gave birth to another man's child with out a divorce.) Reply

Steve Brooklyn August 27, 2017

I see more and more there is little to no support for ppl going through a divorce. Reply

Anonymous Thailand May 20, 2017

Yes, divorce is indeed painful, but at times it is indeed a necessity for both people to lead a normal, healthy, (mentally as well as physically) life. Togetherness can be detrimental. My parents never got along and would have been happier apart, I asked about it once. the response was, "Di kinder, di kinder", the children, the children.So the decision not to divorce led to unhappy adults and unhappy kids.Miserable "until death do us part". for what? Why? Reply

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