Is Faith a Reality?

Explore the essence of faith


Is Faith a Reality? : Explore the essence of faith

Must we accept belief in G-d blindly? What role does faith play in a modern day world? Discover how to bring the G-dly back into a G-dless society and communicate faith in the face of adversity.
Faith Amid Tragedy and Pain
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Faith; Belief in G-d, Reason and Supra-rationality

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V Brasil November 17, 2017

Beautiful words of knowledge and a marvelous music.Very, very good. Reply

S U.K. January 17, 2017

Science Science is man revealing a miniscule of HaShem's creation.

What has been revealed regarding creation since the beginning of time is insignificant to the whole sum of the intellect, thought and action of creation.

Scientific revelation is superfluous in comparison to the delight a sinner experiences when they return to HaShem whole heartedly and devote their life to the study of Torah Reply

Anonymous IW September 1, 2017
in response to S:

I agree Reply

Vivienne January 16, 2017

FAITH Thank you for such a profound message it came at the right time for me to reinforce my faith and eliminate my concerns.
Vivienne Reply