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Crisis in Egypt

Shemot Parshah Report


Crisis in Egypt: Shemot Parshah Report

The Parshah report gets a new look, jono tries to enslave gefilte fish and Itche's lawyer shows up. Hilarity... whatever, you know what's coming

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Rozy Levitin Pomona December 31, 2017

I'm homeschooling for 2 years and parshah report helps me learn and I'm 10 years old. Reply

C.G USA April 19, 2016

It's an 'okay' show... Reply

Breena Farmingdale, .Y March 24, 2013

funny jono Jono is so funny!> Reply

sholom benchimol guatemala city, uatemala January 28, 2013

incredible,so funny It's the best show for kids to learn!
Also for parents (adult, teenagers)
too funny for us Reply

Anonymous Rochester, New York via January 20, 2013

Too many people One person at a time please! Reply

Anonymous January 13, 2012

may i ask Did the Jewish women save all the newborns ?

Somehow i thought that a couple of midwives saved any males babies that they could. Ididn't think that it was a majority. It is an ugly spectre for sure, by but i thought that it showed how miraculous it was that Moses was saved.

Any answers with sources would be appreciated.

Good Shabbos ! Reply

chana December 20, 2010

LOVE this; but drop that awful fake laughter This show is brilliant, and definitely not just for kids.
Please drop the fake tiny laughter, we REALLY don't need to be prompted to laugh. It's funny enough as is!! Reply

Gisele Dalman Scheonberger san diego, ca October 12, 2010

love it, Love It, LOVE IT !!! My new puppet heroes. You guys are great!!!! Reply

Jonathan Whitesville, KY March 19, 2010

Educational I'm homeschooled too, and Itche Kadoozy helps me to learn all about these different subjects.
Plus.............. IT'S INSANELY FUNNY! Reply

Chaya Leemor Wolf Valley Village, California January 8, 2010

Amazing!!!!!! I always enjoy watching Itche Kadoozy shows and my mother encourages me to see the Parsha Report every week. I'm homeschooling, so my mother finds it very easy for her to teach her part and I review it by watching the Parsha Report. Thank you so much for making the Parsha Reports!!! :) Smiles all around! Reply

yehudis January 16, 2009

funny!!!! this is the best one yet!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply

Rox January 16, 2009

Lawyerspeak "In spite of how adorable that may seem" = LOL Reply

Anonymous December 15, 2007

crisis in egypt i love this show Reply

miriam leah lieblich n.y., usa December 15, 2007

the hebrew lesson it was so funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply

Lily February 19, 2007

The Rabbi has yelling problems on this one, who cares? I still love this!!! Reply

Name withheld for security reasons... Brooklyn, NY January 20, 2006

Itche Kadoozy Show suitable for adults Dear Itche Kadoozy producers,

We are proud fans of your weekly show / Parsha report.

The reports are very educational, and the animation is wonderful.

However, we must admit, that neither of us are under 22 years of age. (that's the embarrassing part)

We love your show, and feel that there is NO WAY children really understand your humor...

We will be nominating you for next years Oscars, and hope you win!

My husband feels Gefilte fish needs more speaking parts -- i think not.

Shabbat Shalom..... Reply

M R Brooklyn , NY January 18, 2006

Amazing!! Dovid keep up the great work. Reply

Shmueli Bell Leeds, England January 17, 2006

Awsome!!! Reply

Harvey Weiss AZ January 17, 2006

blithe satire in the spirit of Jonathan Swift Jono, the oblivious, apathetic college student, is the dullard bougoisie Everyman who wishes to oppress - for amusement - G-Fish, totally oblivious to the utter unsavoriness of it all and G-Fish, the willing victim, the diesenfranchised Other, yearns to curry favor with the representative of the Establishment, Jono. Their dysfunctional co-dependency of inherrited social roles is turned on its head when Jono claims to be oppressed by "the man" (sic)! Itche, the superego in this neo-Jungian morality play, cannot call a stop to their mutual abuse, until Larry Goldstein, invokes the law of the land which trumps Itche's moral code! Meanwhile Faygie Kadoozie asserts herself as the marginalized woman who is more interested in reclaiming history than preventing the sanctioned and helpless oppression of the Other. Finally, Roy, the stagehand appears as a Grover-esque non-human whose humanity pierces through the fruitless commotion (a semiology for the technical revolution).

Brilliant!!!! Reply

shimon goldberg thornhill, canada January 16, 2006

pssssssssssssssssssssssss preddy good for your age Reply

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