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The Kabbalah of Saving the Environment

Our responsibility to preserve G-d’s world


The Kabbalah of Saving the Environment: Our responsibility to preserve G-d’s world

Torah charges us to cherish and preserve the environment, for all of nature is purposeful and is by Divine design. We are G-d’s custodians of the world.
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Behar-Bechukotai, Everything has a Purpose, Bal Tashchit, Ecology; Enviromentalism, Behar

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David Seidenberg April 24, 2018

I liked this, but it didn't seem to be much about Kabbalah. If Rabbi Barber wants share some deep Kabbalah about the environment, he should give a talk on Igeret Hakodesh 20. Reply

Anonymous Florianopolis May 28, 2016

Simple, clear and amazing important lesson! Thank you! Reply

Anonymous Miami May 23, 2016

This is what I've been waiting for! Come on arm yourself it's our responsibility! Reply