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The Mystical Matzoh, Part 4

Learn a chassidic discourse on Passover


The Mystical Matzoh, Part 4: Learn a chassidic discourse on Passover

This class uncovers the Chassidic meanings of the Biblical commandment: “You must be vigilant regarding the Matzos,” and explains the spiritual difference between the pre-Exodus Matzah that required hyper-vigilant guarding, and the post-redemption non-rising version which developed upon experiencing Divine Revelation. Finally we conclude with remarkable insight into the meaning of Matzah eaten at our Seder in today’s day and age!
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Passover, Matzah, Likkutei Torah, Maamar

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Anonymous Thornhill April 22, 2016

IN GRATITUDE TO YOU.. Thank you Rabbi Kaplan. I love listening to your Torah shiurs online.
What a pleasure!
You are a gifted and energetic teacher.
Yasher Koach: may you go from strength to strength.
Chag Pesach Sameach! Reply

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