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On the Origins and Purpose of the Human Race

We were created to partner with G-d

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venus mtl April 9, 2016

read the present truth contest.. this video nails it Reply

Alicia Cádiz April 7, 2016

Altamira Dear Rabbi Yacov Barber,
thanks a lot for this explanation, that is very useful for me now as fresh water while I am so thirsty. Currently in Spain the movie "Altamira" has had the premiere and those questions about human origin are arising every-Spanish-body minds now. 20k years ago, there were already artists inside the human being, who painted animals like in movement with G-d, having also a meaning and a purpose in their artistic lives in G-d to explain us their already present greatness. Reply

Anonymous London April 7, 2016

On the Origins and Purpose of the Human Race Beautiful and inspiring. Reply

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