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The Two Worst Characteristics to Avoid at All Costs

The Kabbalah of Behavior


The Two Worst Characteristics to Avoid at All Costs: The Kabbalah of Behavior

Using our natural characteristics to become better individuals, while learning how to ask ourselves will this action propel me closer to doing what G-d wants of me.
Kabbalah of Behavior 2
Self Improvement, Anger, Ego & Selfhood

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susan london February 28, 2019

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Chaia February 17, 2016

Anger Yes I get angry. People who betray trust or brag or make you feel lesser than you are. I don't like wanting to get revenge or hating them or thinking they are so horrible that they deserve what ills they have. Wish I was stronger and could turn the other cheek. But sometimes I can't. I hope for G-D to help me become a better human. Reply

Anonymous February 15, 2016

Beautiful words and well intended speech! However I have to disagree with "pretending to be angry." Perhaps we can compose ourselves in a moment of anger but how are we to lead by example if others "see us angry"? Even if our "reaction" is more moderate. How would others see us? How can our children learn from faking? They are constantly learning from us. I fully agree with changing ourselves and leading by example and showing our patience, understanding, reasoning and integrity with love. There should not be a reason to pretend :) In Hashem's wisdom, anger can be a useful motivating force that can even elevate our G-dly side! Reply

Bea WNY January 21, 2016

Anger avoided, simkah retained! Oh I so much agree with you. Thank you for caring as deeply as you do. To think that the rebbe kept anger at bay and his joy rose so high, let's me remember after I stop my anger from bubbling forth, I also must sing and dance to Aliyah! B"H Reply

Anonymous January 20, 2016

Well.... Jews do get angry. That's just part of reality. And some Jews are even abusive to their families-another part of reality. G-d was quite angry with Egypt-I don't think He was pretending when He brought those 10 plagues....We try to learn and work on ourselves and think before we act or react....yes....but I guess I am just saying it must be easy to talk about how anger is "not ours" when it B"H hasn't been gifted to you. But when its one's inheritance, it's a bit of a different story. It is still my responsibility to change but hard to undo damage done I guess that's my point. Reply

Anonymous Mesa, AZ January 19, 2016

Characteristics to Avoid in our Personalities I agree very much with this wonderful, young, teacher. Every head is a world, and thatbis what makes it so difficult to understand others. It is not only in marriage, but in mother and child, siblings, friends, etc.. The purpose of each one of us is the most difficult to find. Helping others in any ways is not the only purpose, I feel that there is a greater purpose for each one of us, and "that" especial purpose for each one of us the difficult one to accomplish. How to figure out that one is the question Reply