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The Greatness of the Struggle

Self-Control vs. Transformation


The Greatness of the Struggle: Self-Control vs. Transformation

Two fundamentals in the service of G-d discussed extensively in chassidus are the concepts of Is’kafya (suppression) and Is’hapcha (transformation). Discover their respective qualities and specifically the case for Iskafya.
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Itkafia (conquest), Chassidism, Self Control; Self Conquest, Maamar Basi LeGani, It'kafia & It'hapcha (Conquest vs Transformation)

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Eliezer Zalmanov for January 6, 2016

Re: Delay Not necessarily. Dealing with the challenge is what's most important. Even if you don't win a particular battle, just you putting up a fight makes G-d happy. Reply

Gary Europe January 5, 2016

Delay Does everyday the animal soul wins a victory delay the return of Hashem to earth by a day? Reply