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The Three Hidden Treasures

Parshah Curiosities: Vayigash


The Three Hidden Treasures : Parshah Curiosities: Vayigash

When the Egyptians spend everything they own in buying food from Joseph, he collects and gives all the money and wealth to Pharaoh. There’s a Midrash stating that Yosef hid three treasures from these riches. Discover intriguing insight and meaning in this otherwise enigmatic homily.
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Vayigash, Joseph

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rgy tzfat January 5, 2017

for what gold and silver? I think the Tzadikim will need the gold and silver, etc. during the Moshaich Times to beautify the beis hamikdosh - to use them for the purpose for which they were created. Reply

Sylvia U.K. December 30, 2015

Thank you Thank you Rabbi Kaplan, this was really enjoyable. Reply

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