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The Age of the Universe

How to Reconcile Torah and Science


The Age of the Universe: How to Reconcile Torah and Science

Can we reconcile the Torah’s narrative of creative with the prevailing scientific view on the age of the universe?
Torah & Science, Creation

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c ny May 25, 2017

Still doesn't explain why dinosaurs are found. they never existed? Reply

Anonymous December 19, 2015

Geocentric Remarking that a day is independent of night and day [e.g. at the north pole], and thus day and night could have existed without the sun, can only makes sense if you are of the opinion that the 'Solar' system is geocentric. Reply

Arno Gorgels Potsdam November 3, 2015

The current idea of Big Bang and age of universe aren't correct. These will be abandoned soon. Reply

Bradley Ponsart Coquitlam November 3, 2015

Maturity a Key Element for Life Adam and consequently Eve, were created as fully functioning mature adults. They were capable of reproduction so we know they were not just visually mature, but physically mature. The same is true of trees and animals. The same would have to have been true for the rest of the physical universe, in order for it to have been capable to sustain life. Rivers, mountains, valleys all had to have been created mature with all the things necessary to maintain the biological life that had been created. Erosion, a certain amount of decayed material in the soil, silt, loam, clay would have all needs have been present. All things being relative, if Adam appeared to have been 30-50 years old, and his lifespan without intervention was 600-1000 years it is only logical that the universe was also created, with the minimal amount of maturity built into it for life to have been sustained within it. I find it strange that I have never heard this scientifically logical conclusion, from those wiser than me. Reply

M. Mark D. California April 1, 2017
in response to Bradley Ponsart:

I would agree, and state also the word 'complete' would also apply, in the sense that there was 'no need for further created aspects as the earth was/is complete'. Life sustaining aspects of 'need' were all in place, we need the sun, we need the moon, we need water, we need plant life, we need food, we need day and we need night. We as humans need male and female. The Bible says 'on the seventh day God rested'. All was done perfectly and purposefully exactly ad the Bible states. The evidence is abundant and signigicant. M. Mark D. Reply

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