The Secret Matrix of Psalm 119

Studying Tehillim: Chapter 119 (overview)


The Secret Matrix of Psalm 119: Studying Tehillim: Chapter 119 (overview)

This chapter consists of 22 stanzas—corresponding to the 22 letters of the Hebrew aleph-bet. Each stanza is comprised of eight verses, all beginning with same letter, hence it’s known as the psalm of eight-faces. This introductory class provides an overview highlighting the inner character of chapter 119. We examine the key words repeatedly employed throughout this psalm, and the profound meaning embedded in the patter of eight.
Tehillim - Psalms - Chapter 119
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Janice DEnver November 19, 2015

119 Rabbi Kaplan;

good to see and hear you well. Thank you for the wonderments of Psalm 119. And the 8 faces Reply

Jennifer Galit Chantrill Brisbane November 6, 2015

T'hillim 119 Thank you Rabbi K for sending this link on Facebook Reply

Rabbi Mendel Kaplan Thornhill, Ontario November 1, 2015

I will, please G-d, continue to provide with the content, and I presume that they will continue to upload and provide the links. TY both for your kind words :) Reply

Anonymous Brazil November 1, 2015

Thank you, Rabbi Kaplan! One class for a whole life. Reply

Sylvia U.K. October 31, 2015

Part two Dear Rabbi,
Thank you, for this wonderful insight. Do I need to register to access the continuing lectures? If yes, will you please send me the link? Thank you. Reply

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