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The Western Wall

Sacred Sightseeing: The Kotel

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The Western Wall : Sacred Sightseeing: The Kotel

Join Rabbi Mordechai Weiss as he tours the Western Wall in Jerusalem, and discover its history and significance.
Israel, Western Wall

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Marcel Schachter NJ July 7, 2015

Mordechai Weiss Mordechai we miss you a lot, we had good times, we love to see you when you come to
USA, Moshe Schachchter Reply

Samantha Leon Dumfries July 6, 2015

The way the narrator puts it, it seems as though davening at the Kotel/Kosel is a bit of a spiritual power-up. I can literally see the holiness radiating off the stones like you would see heat radiating off the pavement just before an earthuake. Reply

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