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The Egyptian Persecution

The Haggadah in Depth, Part 9


The Egyptian Persecution: The Haggadah in Depth, Part 9

We read in the Haggadah how Pharaoh cleverly plotted to persecute and afflict the Jewish people, which paved the way for all the atrocities of their enslavement. This class covers the passages beginning with words "The Egyptians treated us badly and they made us suffer, and they put hard work upon us."
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Enslavement in Egypt, Haggadah

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Anonymous New Bern April 7, 2015

So True Great teaching.

It is interesting to note that the Egyptian Persecutors seem to share many of the traits observed in abusers, bullies, etc. The ongoing goal in the Abuse Cycle is to strip the abused of their humanity, dignity, safety, and (yes, even) spirituality, thereby allowing the violence (physical, verbal, emotional, financial, spiritual, etc.) to be perpetuated until it reaches the point that the abused A). Either escapes or B). Is ultimately destroyed (physically, verbally, emotionally, financially, spiritually, etc.).

I once read, that on a certain level, abusers are often "jealous" of the "goodness" that they see in those whom they abuse, but had difficulty truly understanding the concept-- Until now.

Thank you for sharing. Reply

Anonymous USA March 26, 2015

Watch what they do with gun control in America vote for people to keep their arms [guns, etc]. Second Amendment rights. Reply

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