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Examine the relevance of the world’s oldest spiritual wisdom in this “New age”. Explore the ancient teachings of the kabbalah, and their application on a practical level. Gain access to the most powerful spiritual system ever known to humankind.

What is Authentic Kabbalah?
 . . . and why that’s important
Kabbalah is a received tradition, but a living one, sprouting, growing and blossoming in the most creative ways, yet always organically bound to its roots and its original seed. The challenge is to discern between true Kabbalah and grafted branches . . .
Kabbalah & Healing
Audio | 1:02:23
Kabbalah & Healing
A unique approach for healing professionals
Illness emerges out of the soul’s yearning to escape the body. The healer must convince the soul that the body has meaning, that here and only here can the soul discover its own essence . . .
What can Kabbalah do for me?
Introduction to Kabbalah
What is Kabballah and how is it relevant? Explore how the Kabbalistic approach can enhance every aspect of our lives while introducing us to new life-dimensions.
Kabbalah Basics
Audio | 54:23
Kabbalah Basics
The things a person should know before learning Kabbalah; three ways of learning the Kabbalah; how we study kabbalah now in our time.
Kabbalah - A Deeper Reality
The history on how the secrets of the Kabbalah came to the open world
Is it a Mitzvah to learn Kabbalah? The best ways to meditate -- and make it work! What do the prophets see when they get a prophesy?
The Order of Creation
What came first? And what does each level (world) include? How does Kabbalah look at this; to what level can we reach; what does the world think all this?
Cosmic Unity
Audio | 51:33
Cosmic Unity
A kabbalist’s mindset: Using the body as an example for Kabbalah
What exactly do the Ten Sefirot mean and what are their functions. Most importantly, what does it all have to do with us?
Jewish Meditation
Audio | 1:28:13
Jewish Meditation
Learn how Jewish mediation developed while intertwining Jewish history and Chassidic story.
Kabbalah on Human Nature
Self-Identity: Who is the real “I”?
A fascinating lecture that probes the human psyche and its inner struggles.
Kabbalah on Atheism
Audio | 1:18:17
Kabbalah on Atheism
In this insightful lecture you’ll hear fascinating perspectives on the mysteries of creation and the meaning of revelation. Join us as we try to grasp the unfathomable concealment process of the Divine self-effacement and the contraction the Kabbalists refer to as tzimtzum
What is Kabbalah?
Audio | 48:35
What is Kabbalah?
What does Kabbalah teach us? What does it have to do with our lives today? Exploring the spiritual and physical aspect of our world
The Ancient Books of the Kabbalah
Reviewing the basic books of Kabbalah and what they discuss
The Mind, the Body and the Soul
Exploring the purpose of the three most vital ingredients of the human being and how we differ from other creations of our world
The Jewish View of the Zodiac
Exploring the constellations in Jewish thought and how they relate to our daily lives
Kabbalah and The Da Vinci Code
The Jewish and Kabbalistic perspective of The Da Vinci Code
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