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Studying Tehillim: Chapter 118, Part 8

The Secret to Unlocking Heaven’s Doors


Studying Tehillim: Chapter 118, Part 8: The Secret to Unlocking Heaven’s Doors

Tehillim - Psalms - Chapter 118
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Anonymous Safed February 20, 2015

8th part Tehillim,118 Thank you, Rabbi Kaplan!! Such a great class & you are an excellent, illuminating teacher! Looking forward to learning chapter 119 w/ you,IM"H
I will have some deeper understanding&more kavana now when I say Hallel
I like your translation of korban as offering & not sacrifice which never sat right w/ me. Offering makes real sense. I will use these teachings IM"H in my women's classes, IM"H. Thank you for sharing the very meaningful Chassidic insights from the maamarim. Reply

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