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A Conversation with the Chief Rabbi of Israel


A Conversation with the Chief Rabbi of Israel

A dynamic discussion with Chief Rabbi David Lau in conversation with Rabbi Dovid Eliezrie at "Congregation Beth Meir HaCohen / Chabad of North County" in Yorba Linda, California.
Jewishness; Jewish Identity, Israel

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Chasia Vannessa Roseman Chino, CA via February 5, 2015

Rabbi Lau- wonderful person! Rabbi Lau Is a well spoken Rabbi with a kind and big heart, one would never expect such kindness and understanding from the Chief Rabbi of Israel.. wow! What a gentle spoken Rabbi, with the understanding of people, with compassion and such a great sense of humor and candor.. he comes across with such an approachable manner. Thank you for visiting California Chief Rabbi Lau what an honor. I wish I was there during your discussion and visit. Reply

Anonymous February 4, 2015

We have the right to live where we want, and moving is a mark on these crazies that they have and think they are winning. Stand up, we will overcome these nut cases, no one will drive me from my door. I am not a religious person but no one can scare me, all I want is peace and to live in peace. Reply

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