Shiru l’Ado-n-oi shir chodosh, shiru l’Ado-n-oi kol ho’oretz. Shiru l’Ado-n-oi, borchu sh’mo, basru miyom l’yom y’shu-oso.

Sapru vagoyim k'vodo, b’chol ho’amim nifl’osov. Ki godol Ado-n-oi um'hulol me-od, noroh hu al kol Elo-h-im.

Ki kol elo-hei ho’amim elilim, v’Ado-n-oi shomaim osoh. Hod v’hodor l’fonov, oz v’siferes b’mikdosho.

Hovu l’Ado-n-oi mishp'chos amim, hovu l’Ado-n-oi kovod vo-oz. Hovu l’Ado-n-oi k’vod sh’mo, se'u minchoh uvou l’chatz-ro-sov.

Hishtachavu l’Ado-n-oi b’hadras kodesh, chilu miponav kol ho’oretz. Imru Vagoim Ado-n-oi melech, af tikon tevel bal timos, yodin amim b’meishorim.

Yism’chu hashomaim v'sogel ho-oretz, yiram hayom u’mlo’oh. Ya’aloz sodai v’chol asher bo, oz yiran’nu kol atzei yo’ar.

Lifnei Ado-n-oi ki vo, ki vo lishpot ho’aretz, Yishpot teivel b’tzedek, v’amim be’emunoso.


Sing to the L-rd a new song; sing to the L-rd all the earth. Sing to the L-rd, bless His Name; proclaim His deliverance from day to day.

Recount His glory among the nations, His wonders among all the peoples. For the L-rd is great and highly praised; He is awesome above all gods.

For all the gods of the nations are naught, but the L-rd made the heavens. Majesty and splendor are before Him, might and beauty in His Sanctuary.

Render to the L-rd, O families of nations, render to the L-rd honor and might. Render to the L-rd honor due to His Name; bring an offering and come to His courtyards.

Bow down to the L-rd in resplendent holiness; tremble before Him, all the earth. Proclaim among the nations: "The L-rd reigns;" indeed, the world is firmly established that it shall not falter; He will judge the people with righteousness.

The heavens will rejoice, the earth will exult; the sea and its fullness will roar. The fields and everything therein will jubilate; then all the trees of the forest will sing.

Before the L-rd [they shall rejoice] for He has come, for He has come to judge the earth; He will judge the world with justice, and the nations with His truth.