B’nei Heicholo, d’ch’sifin, l’mechezei ziv di-z’ir anpin.
Y’hon hacha, b’hai taka,
d’vei malka b’gilufin.

Tz’vu lachada, b’hai va-ada, b’go irin v’chol gadfin. Chadu hashta, b’hai shata, d’vei ra-ava v’leis za-afin.

Krivu li, chazu cheili, d’leis dinin diskifin. L’var natlin, v’la alin, hanei kalbin dachatzifin.

V’ha azmin, atik yomin, l’mitzcha adei y’hon chalfin. R’u dilei, d’galei lei, l’vatala b’chol klifin.

Y’shavei lon, b’nokveihon, vitamrun b’go cheifin. Arei hashta, b’minchasa, b’chedvasa di-z’ir anpin.


You princes of the palace, who yearn to behold the splendor of Z'eir Anpin: Be present at this meal at which the King leaves His imprint.

Exult, rejoice in this gathering together with the angels and all supernal beings; Rejoice now, at this most propitious time, when there is no sadness.

Draw near to Me, behold My strength, for there are no harsh judgments.

They are cast out, they may not enter, these [forces of evil which are likened to] insolent dogs.

I herewith invite the "Ancient of Days" at this auspicious time, and [the powers of impurity] will be utterly removed.
It is His revealed will to annul all the powers of impurity; He will hurl them into their abysses and they will hide in the clefts of the rocks.
For this time of Minchah is a time of joy for Z'eir Anpin