Asadeir lis'udasa,,
b'tzafra d'shabata,
va-azamin bah
hashta atika kadisha.

N'horei yishrei vah,,
b'kidusha raba,
uv'chamra tava
d'veih techedei nafsha.

Y'shadeir lan shufreih,,
v'nechezei vikareih,
v'yachazei lan sisreih
d'is'amar bilchisha.

Y'galei lan ta-amei,
d'visreisar nahamei
d'inun as bish'meih
k'fila uklisha.

Tz'rora dil-eila,
d'veih chayei chola,
v'yisrabei cheila
v'sisak ad reisha.

Chadu chatzdei chakla,
b'dibur uv'kala,
umalilu milah
m'sika k'duvsha.

Kodam ribon almin,
b'milin s'simin,
t'galun pisgamin
v'seimrun chidusha.

L'ateir p'sora,
b'raza yakira
amika utmira
v'lav milsa avsha.

V'ilein milaya,
y'hon lir'ki-aya
v'saman man sharya
halo hahu shimsha.

R'vu yatir yisgei leila,
min dargeih,
v'yisav bas zugeih
d'havas prisha.


I shall offer praise at the Shabbat morning meal, and shall herewith invite the holy Ancient One.

May the supernal light shine thereon through the great Kiddush and good wine that gladdens the soul.

May He send to us its resplendence and we shall behold its glory; may He reveal to us His hidden things which are said in secret.

May He disclose to us the reason for the twelve breads which symbolize a letter of His name both in the combined and the single form.

May we be united with the Supreme One in Whom is the life of all things; may our strength be increased and may (our prayer) ascend and become (a diadem) upon His head.

Field laborers (Torah scholars), rejoice with speech and voice, and speak the words (of Torah) which are sweet as honey.

Before the Master of the worlds you will reveal words in the secrets (of the Torah), and deliver new insights (in it);

To adorn the table with the precious secrets (of the Torah), profound and hidden, which are ordinarily not to be revealed.

And these words will become firmaments. Who will abide therein? None other than the (Shechina which is allegorically called the) sun.

He will ascend to a more lofty level; and He will take to Himself His mate (Israel) from whom He was separated (during the week).